Life Beyond Law

In the 21st century, just knowing the law is not enough. Upskilling and multi-disciplinary approach are becoming important for each lawyer to become a better, more proficient lawyer.

New Age Roles and Skills

So what can lawyers do? Have you heard of Legal Project ManagementLegal Tech? Or Legal Ops?

Bridging the Information Gap

There is a dearth of information available on the potential non-traditional roles in the legal industry.

We want to bridge that gap and help law students and professionals better understand the opportunities that exist, skills that are to be acquired, and the possibilities that are yet to be realised.

Our Platform

Our website is structured in a manner where you can explore one key non-traditional role in depth. If you find an interesting role and want to find out more about it, head over to our other sections (Jobs and Internships, Events, and Career Guides) to continue on your journey to explore that role.

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