Call for Articles: Asia Law Review Magazine

Last Date of Submission: 28 March 2022 

Initial Review: March 2022 

Editing Process: March- April 2022

About the Asia Law Review Magazine

ALSA Law Review Magazine (“ALRM”) is a student-edited academic law journal published by ALSA. ALSA Law Review Magazine aims to enhance the understanding of various nations’ point-of-view upon a particular legal issue. Law review is legal writing upon a particular legal issue written with various approaches such as analysis of jurisdictions or regulations regarding a certain event. The law review itself pursues to be a platform for ALSA members to improve their research and writing skills by engaging in dialogue on current legal issues of international interest. ALSA Law Review
Magazine serves to broaden the knowledge of readers including law students regarding legal issues in Asia. 

Theme: Employment and Labour Law 

Outline of Article should include: 

  • Abstract 
  • Background 
  • Analysis 
  • Conclusion 

Referencing: The Bluebook (21st Edition) 

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