Certification Course: Contract Life Cycle Management (Advanced) by Indian Institute of Industrial and Professional Studies 

Date: 15 June 2022 

Mode: Online 

Costs: Paid Registration (INR 999)

Duration: 1 Month 


Drafting, Management Negotiation and Review of Contract is a mandatory part and parcel of the job description of any Legal Profession irrespective of the factor of litigation and non-litigation. Hence forth mastery over this skill is a prerequisite for every legal professional.
Though the Law is different across the countries, there are a lot of similarities in the concept of contractual laws. This course walks you through the insights of the negotiation procedure, terms and conditions to be included in the contract and the process of review of contract. As this course covers all major aspects related to the Contracts, this course on Advanced Certificate Course in Contract Life Cycle Management is a good investment for upscaling the skill set.

Learning Outcome:

  • Build solid understanding about the concept of contract drafting
  • Acquaint with practical comprehensive knowledge about how to draft any contract.
  • Learn handy tips and trick to successfully draft and read in between the lines any contract.
  • Understand and cover the contingent events / business problems while drafting the contract.

This course is best suit for
• Legal Professions (Practicing Advocates, Contract Analyst / Managers / Reviewer, Freelancers, Corporate Advocates and others)
• Law Students
• Entrepreneurs

I. Inception of Contract and Pre-Contractual Instruments
Introduction | Basics of Contract | RFI (Request for Information) | RFP (Request for Proposal) | RFQ (Request for Quotation) | Client Meetings | Notes Making | Research

II. Negotiation of Contract
Introduction to Negotiation | Stages of Negotiations | Types of Negotiation | How to do a successful Negotiation | Negotiation Brief | Negotiation Report | Preliminary preparations for negotiation | Soft skills and Negotiation

III. Drafting of Contract
Introduction | Objective/Purpose of the contract | Tenure and termination of contract | Applicable industry terms and compliances | Right and Duties of both parties | Payment clauses | Late Fees | Taxes | Warranty and guarantee clauses | Indemnification | Liability and Limitation of Liability | Force majeure | Confidentiality Clause | Dispute resolution process | Other Clauses

IV. Contract Review
Importance of Contract Review | Points to be noted while reviewing the contract | Demonstration of Review process | Redlining of Contracts | Contract Review Checklist | Other aspects related to Contract Review

V. Contract Administration and Management
Execution of Contract| Drafting a sound and viable Contract Administration Plan | Stages involved in Contract Management | Key Performance Indicators (KPI) | Audit of Contract and its Performance | Performance of Contract | Amendments | Renewal | Termination of Contract | Key Principles involved in Contract Life Cycle Management

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