AI, ML and Innovation Strategy Masterclass by Dean from Oxford University

Date: 5 August 2022

Mode: Online

Costs: Paid Registration

Session 1
Setting the context: Understanding the dynamics of exponential technology
• Growing gap between exponential technology and linear humans
• Strategies for creating an exponential mindset
• Scenario analysis as a structured exercise for imagining the future
• Red teaming and questioning assumptions
Sample case studies: Ant Financial, Stripe, UPI, Google

Session 2
Role of Al and ML in growth of Finance and Fintech companies
• Key trends in AI and ML
• Use of AI and ML for smart automation in finance
• AI and ML for building memorable customer experiences
• Leveraging the power of AI and ML for new financial business models
Sample case studies: Lemonade, Apple, Wise, Robinhood

Session 3
Leading Digital transformation in Finance and Fintech
• Building forward and creating backwards
Digital transformation as a culture change process
• Leadership for successful digital transformation
• Trust and bias in AI/ML implementations
Sample case studies: Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, Nubank, Revolut

Session 4
Al/ML and the future of modern finance
Asset light and platform business models
• Blockchains and decentralized finance
• Super-intelligence and a people-centric future of finance
• An action agenda for winning the future of modern finance
Sample case studies: Amazon, Compound, Coinbase, Klarna

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