Event: Inflection Point: The Legal AI Revolution by Inside Practice

Date: 20 June 2023

Mode: Online

Costs: Free Registration


nflection Point – brings together today’s thought leaders for a full-day series of in-depth think-tanks designed to cut through the hype, exploring the fundamental considerations and hypothetical futures that we are confronted with today as it relates to artificial intelligence in the legal profession. These discussions include:
šŸ”¹Becoming Ironman Esquire: How the Human-Centered AI Revolution Makes Legal Professionals More Important, Not Less
šŸ”¹LLMs and Generative AI’s Impact on theā€ÆPractice of Law
šŸ”¹LLMs and Generative AI’s Impact on theā€ÆBusiness of Law
šŸ”¹An Assessment of What the Tech Can and Cannot Do… At Present
šŸ”¹Ethics and Professional Responsibility

Inflection Point: The Legal AI Revolution promises to be a thought-provoking examination of where we are today, as we discuss and debate the potential benefits and risks associated with the use of maturing AI tools within the legal professionā€”and the opportunities for leveraging the power of these tools to add value and transform the way we work for both law firms and the clients we serve.

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