Event: eDiscovery Disruptors: Beagle and ModeOne.io by Legal Tech Consultants

Date: 4 January 2024

Mode: Online

Costs: Free Registration


Welcome to a pivotal event where innovation meets expertise in the eDiscovery sector.

Beagle, spearheaded by CEO Sergey Demyanov, has made significant strides with its AI-native platform, a game-changer in making eDiscovery more efficient, ethical, and humane. This platform exemplifies cutting-edge technology, blending artificial intelligence with a deep understanding of legal intricacies.

ModeOne, under the leadership of CEO Matt Rasmussen, has redefined smartphone data discovery. Their patented SaaS framework is a testament to innovation, offering a robust solution for legal hold, corporate compliance, and internal investigations. ModeOne’s approach addresses the critical needs of today’s digital landscape, prioritizing speed, security, and cost-effectiveness in data collection from iOS and Android devices.

This webinar is more than just a showcase of technologies; it’s a deep dive into the minds of industry leaders who are shaping the future of eDiscovery. The session will include a detailed presentation from each CEO, followed by an interactive Q&A segment. Attendees will have the unique opportunity to engage directly with these visionaries, gaining firsthand knowledge of the strategic directions and innovations driving their companies.

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