Event: A Document Automation Platform for Quicker First Drafts, Quicker Access to Content, and Quicker Templates by Litera

Date: 27 July 2022

Mode: Online 

Costs: Free Registration 


Litera Create provides law firm users with access to reusable content, predictable insertion of content, clauses and formatting, and generates substantive practice group documents with all the information required for your specific use cases. Litera Create allows you to draft faster, streamlining repetitious tasks and saving up to 85% of time building first drafts, freeing up your team to focus on the details for your clients. Join Litera industry experts Sherry Kappel, Matt Miller, Cinda Voutselas and Leif Granberg as they show you a demo and discuss:

• How firms and users will benefit from Litera Create

• How to leverage Litera Create as an end user to speed up time creating and executing drafts, a demonstration

• How to put the firm’s “gold standard” content at your lawyers’ fingertips

• How to prepare for implementation, migration and adoption

• What are the system requirements?

• What’s next?

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