Event: How leading firms avoid write-offs resulting from last-minute changes by Logan Oliver 

Date: 9 March 2022 

Mode: Online 

Costs: Free Registration 


When you find a mistake, or the client makes a change to your matter, how do YOU deal with it?
A growing number of top firms are using Office & Dragons to deal with it. They can turn documents faster, make fewer mistakes, and react instantly to changes in their transactions, providing better service to their clients and reduce their own risk… all for a fraction of the cost.
Are you getting stuck all night working on document turns, spending all day relentlessly copying and pasting until your fingers bleed, or disappointed by Document Automation solutions that seem useless once you past the first drafts?
Then join Sam at 2PM GMT on March 2, where he’ll be showing you exactly how nearly half the Amlaw top 5 have moved beyond these old tired ways of working and are using this NEW platform to change the way they look at legal documents forever.
This webinar is for:

  • Teams stuck with document automation solutions that stop working once the documents go beyond first drafts
  • People who do fast-paced deals that don’t have TIME to work with teams for months setting up automation
  • Lawyers who want to learn how one leading global firm was able to cut down 99% of non-billable time reacting to last-minute changes in a bespoke PE transaction for a high profile client
  • People who want to see new cutting edge tech that firms are actually using to win work away from the firms that don’t

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