Event: The Legal Industry’s Contribution to Digital Transformation in Latam

Date: 12 May 2022 

Mode: Online (Open Webinar)


In the modern society we live in nowadays, the imperative to step up digital transformation is universally accepted. As the world becomes increasingly interconnected through the adoption of ‘smart’ tech, offline working and digital supply chains, the traditional revenue streams and bricks-and-mortar delivery models have been thrown into disarray. Organizations and entire industries are now in a race to remain relevant. Faced with intense market and competitive pressure to accelerate digital transformation, companies could become vulnerable to being oversold on the benefits of digitalization products or big tech purchases. As a result, businesses may sail in the wrong direction or make critical decisions without giving full consideration to the legal and practical implications.

Technology and tax experts from Baker McKenzie and Trench Rossi Watanabe* are joined by two general counsels from the top players in the industry in Latin America to discuss digital transformation hot topics in the region such as data centers, taxation of the digital economy, data privacy and cybersecurity, cloud agreements, improving legal operations through legal tech and much more.

Meeting Link: Click here

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