Job Opening: LegalXpress News 

Job Role: Legal Researcher 

Location: Remote 

Duration: 4 months

The starting 2 months shall be an unpaid internship post,

In the first week of the internship- the intern will receive training from the editors regarding the submission guidelines and social media posting guidelines set in the SOP.

After the second month, they will have a performance review.

Opportunity- The internship will consist of General and Legal research, content writing and compiling, Article/News writing, and other drafting related work.

Due credits are provided for the interns writing the articles and making the Social media posts.


  1. Research and compose two 500-word news articles on a legal issue, judgement or International issue. *Total 2 Submissions every day, 1000 words in total.
  2. Should be able to stick to deadlines.
  3. Write with a relevant tone and style, adhering to the guidelines in the SOP which will be shared with the intern once the selection process is completed. (Standard Operating Procedure).
  4. Target content to specific audiences and focus on trending topics while making Social Media posts.
  5. Incorporate blog and social media posts on both websites and social media platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn
  6. The Editor will assign the topics to article writing interns.

Selected Candidates will go through a telephonic interview before they are enrolled for the internship.

Application Link: Click here

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