Internship Opening: Worknex

Internship Role: Legal Research Intern

What would be your responsibilities?

Building topic lists on engaging legal topics
Conducting legal research
Fact-checking, proofreading documentation
Research structuring

Which areas of law will be covered?

Varied, will range from corporate practice, IP, white-collar criminal litigation, arbitration, data protection, and more.

You are an ideal candidate if you:

– are able to understand research propositions
– are strong at research and analysis
– are receptive and learn from feedbacks
– are communicative and creative

How to apply?

– Email your CV to [email protected] with “Internship Application | [Your Name]” as subject.
– Attach a research article, blog, or even an assignment that you are proud of.


– This is a paid internship opportunity
– We welcome applications from students at all law schools


Apply here

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