Job Opening: Agami

Job Role: Curator- Core Capacities

Location: Bengaluru

PQE: 5 years


  1. People –
    1. Establishing light yet dependable processes for hiring and onboarding and actively supporting hiring for key positions as and when they develop.
    2. Ensuring that the right policies are developed and implemented.
    3. Designing and managing the organisational and staff and organisation feedback and appraisal processes.
    4. Ensuring critical decisions at team meetings are actioned upon
    5. Managing Agami bi-monthly co-working and annual all team retreats and co-working.
  2. Governance –
    1. Coordinating board meetings, preparing agendas, and distributing materials to board members.
    2. Contributing to the development and review of governance policies, procedures, and bylaws, ensuring alignment with the organisation’ mission and strategic goals.
    3. Drafting, preparation and maintenance of key records, documents and materials such as annual reports, minutes of meetings etc.
    4. Ensure website is updated and makes good disclosure
    5. Maintaining documents, files and key knowledge resources for easy use by staff.
    6. Put in place systems to manage security of people, documents and platforms
    7. Communicating effectively with stakeholders to address inquiries, concerns, and updates related to operations.
  3. Funder Management and Financial Oversight –
    1. Maintaining an informative funder dashboard.
    2. Managing requests and reporting in funding relationships.
    3. Supporting new funding by keeping up-to-date materials.
    4. Coordinate with the accounting team to ensure accurate and timely record keeping of financial records and reports.
    5. Assist in preparing and reporting annual budgets; support auditors with financial reporting, expense processing, and tracking.
    6. Implement best practices in financial management to optimize the organisation’s resources.

Skills and Experience

Successful candidates will possess most of the following skills and experience:


  1. Preferably a Bachelor’s / Master’s degree but not important if said person has a proven track record of professional experience.
  2. Familiarity with all kinds of core work tools (documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and over workplace software).
  3. Experience in working with teams, setting effective processes, operational work in small to medium sized entrepreneurial organizations, ideally in the development or legal space.
  4. Minimum five years of relevant work experience.


  1. Entrepreneurial Skills: Do you have a bias for action? Do you give yourself the permission and possess the critical thinking skills to question the status quo and identify opportunities for action? Have you been able to navigate and rally internal teams to put in place new process and systems?
  2. Creativity: Do you have a wide range of interests and seek out opportunities that demand creativity? Do you identify yourself as a learner? Are you able to overcome obstacles creatively?
  3. Teamwork: Are you adept at motivating and rallying teams and partners to pursue and grow ideas? Do you thrive in an agile work environment with fluid team structures?
  4. Communication: Proven oral and writing skills and expertise in customising content for multiple formats and contexts.
  5. Getting things done: Are you able to manage multiple tasks and priorities? Are you able to foresee and solve problems? Do you bring attention to detail to the work you’re responsible for?

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