Job Opening: Legal Pay

Job Role: Data Scientist


This position will require you to think and act on the geospatial architecture and data needs (specifically geospatial data) of the company. This position is strategic and will also require you to collaborate closely with data engineers, data scientists, software developers, and even colleagues from other business functions. 

It goes without saying that you will be handling large amounts of image and location datasets. You will develop data frames and automated pipelines of data from multiple sources. You are expected to know how to visualize them and use machine learning algorithms to be able to make predictions. You will be working across teams to get the job done. 

Familiarity with working in geospatial libraries such as GDAL/Rasterio for reading/writing of data, and use of QGIS in making visualizations. This will also extend to using advanced statistical techniques and applying concepts like regression, properties of distribution, and conducting other statistical tests.

Your role – 
– Constantly probe for newer and optimized ways of generating datasets
– Build data products that impact our users, from data exploration through model selection and evaluation to implementation
– Ensure the data generated is accurate, clean, and ready to use for our clients.
– Responsible for maintaining a high-quality bar for everything we ship. This includes documentation and data quality.

Please share your resume with Laiba at [email protected] 

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