Job Opening: Legodesk

Job Role: Senior Javascript Developer

Location: Bengaluru

Javascript Developer –

  • Any Server side technologies- Node.js/Java
  • Automation testing skills with Node.js/Java
  • Scripting Technologies – Javascript
  • Any client-side technologies(Preferable)- React.js

Must have –

  • Well-versed in Web scraping technologies/Automation testing/functional testing using node
  • Expertise in Core Javascript and good functional experience in handling Regular expressions
  • Hands-on experience in managing multiple HTTP clients using Node.js
  • The notice period should be less than 30 days

Job Requirements :

  • Design and Develop enterprise-facing API using Node.js
  • Well Experience with core JavaScript and Jquery
  • Good understanding to handle Regular expressions using Jquery/javascript
  • Experience using the browser’s DevTools to extract selectors of elements
  • Experience with ES6 JavaScript
  • Having a good functional understanding of NodeJS
  • Good Knowledge of multiple HTTP clients handling the web scraping process
  • Good understanding of multiple modern and battle-tested libraries to scrape the web
  • Good understanding to handle browsers using Puppeteer or any other library
  • Analyzing the requirements (Change Request/Feature Request) and reaching an optimum solution.
  • Well-versed in best practices in OOP, design patterns, reusable, clean code, and testing
  • Familiarity with RESTful APIs using Swagger/POSTMAN
  • Code versioning tools such as GIT and front-end build pipeline & tools
  • Should be able to work in a fast-paced and scrum/agile environment with aggressive deadlines.
  • Ability to work in a team and collaborate remotely.
  • Commitment to collaborative problem-solving, sophisticated design, and quality product
  • Any Server-side technology Knowledge to Understand APIs Structure and modify it according to the requirements.

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