Sarah Ouis

A former counsel, now turned legal designer, Sarah Ouis is the Founder of Law But How? and Director of Commercial at ContractPodAi. Sarah is a Legal Design Manager in the Legal Tech space specialising in user centric design

ContractPodAi: ContractPodAi is aiming to bring the technological transformation of a contract lifecycle to all legal workflows and use cases. 



Anna Posthumus Meyjes

Anna is an international litigator turned information designer. She’s the founder and legal designer at Aclara Legal Design. Anna focuses on information design and user-centricity in legal services. 

Aclara Legal Design: Aclara simplifies legal documents by making them easy to understand for all stakeholders involved. 



Antti Innanen

Antti Innanen is a legal design maestro. He is the founder of Legal Design Summit, the largest legal design event, globally. He is also the founder and CEO of Dot, a fast emerging legal tech and legal design consultancy. 

Dot: Dot Legal is a contract building platform that focuses on building client centric contracts, with simple and accessible designs. Dot aims to achieve client centricity through lean processes and strategic design thinking



Melissa Lyon

Melissa Lyon is executive director and experience designer at Hive Legal. She is a design thinker, innovation and business development specialist committed to transforming the legal industry through client focused development and resource utilisation. 

Hive Legal: Hive Legal provides support services to law firms, such as business support through accounting, post-room operations, HR, etc.  



Astrid Kohlmeier

Astrid Kohlmeier is a legal design and legal tech lawyer and consultant  based out of Munich, who has a number of feathers in her cap. She is the co-founder of Liquid Legal Institute, a premier legal design thinking interdisciplinary platform. She is also faculty for legal design at Bucerius Education GmbH and the member of executive faculty of the Bucerius Center on the Legal Profession

Liquid Legal Institute: Liquid Legal Institute is an interdisciplinary, non-profit platform that promotes discussion, exchange and cooperation in the field of intersection of law with digitization, business and technological development. 



Aku Nikkola

Aku Nikkola is the co-founder of the Legal Design School which is a 6-week online design sprint consisting of an e-book, a community and a legal design project

Legal Design School: This platform aims to shift a legal professional’s perspective to a more holistic and user-centric lens. Legal Design school offers courses and e-books for self-learning. A combination of the design thinking methodology and legal design in taught to the users. 


Marie Potel Saville

Marie is the Founder & CEO of Amurabi, a legal innovation agency and the Founder of Fair Patterns, a holistic platform that helps foster user sovereignty. Marie has a master’s degree in innovation by design. She has also been a legal innovation keynote speaker at various events

Fair Patterns: This is an award-winning legal innovation studio, fighting against dark patterns since 2018. The studio aims to make every individual believe and make their own free choices in an online world, devoid of manipulation. 

Amurabi: Amurabi is a legal design agency. It aims to bridge the gap between law and users, by creating objects, services, processes and interfaces that are user friendly and solve user problems.


Laura Hartnett

Laura is the founder and legal consultant at Law by Design. Laura has worked extensively on user-centric designs and interfaces. She runs a bi-weekly email newsletter for innovation in law through design thinking. 

Law by Design:  Law by design is a consultancy that helps you simplify your legal practice and free up your time. It helps you explore better ways of practicing law. Services include speaking engagements, personal consulting, and team strategy planning


Caitlin Moon

Caitlin is the co-founder of Design your Delta adn the Director of Innovation Design at Vanderbilt University Law School. As the Director of Innovation Design, she works towards creating modern courses that integrate legal innovation curriculum for practicing legal professionals. At Design your Delta, Caitlin operationalises deep data on human learning and shares validated processes and methods with legal professionals who seek to transform their legal practices. 


Nicole Bradick

Nicole is the Founder and CEO of Theory & Principle.  Previously, she was the Cheif Strategy Officer and Partner at CuroLegal, a legal innovation firm. Nicole is primarily working towards improving legal experience through thoughtfully designed digital products. 

Theory and Principle: This is a legal and justice design and technology development agency. It helps build innovative web and mobile applications related to law and justice. Theory and Principle works with global law firms, foundations, legal aid organisations, and legal technology companies. 


Siddharth Peter de Souza

Siddharth is the founder of Justice Adda. He is a postdoctoral researcher at Global Data Justice Project and is interested in the intersection of law and development, empowered by the role of data. He is also a researcher at FemLab. Siddharth is the author of ‘Designing Indicators for a Plural Legal World’. 

Justice Adda: This is a social enterprise that helps legal institutions empower people to understand the law and provides legal knowledge through a user-centric lens. It uses content, design, and technology solutions to foster user-centricity in law. 


Stefania Passera

Stefania is the founder of Legal Design Jam, and the founder and contract designer at Passera Design. Stefania is an information designer specializing in contract design and simplification. She is a keynote speaker, trainer and published author. She is also the recipient of the Women in Legal Tech Award, 2020, and WorldCC Fellowship in 2017. She is assistant professor (contract design and visualisation) at University of Vaasa. 

Passera Design and Legal Design Jam are contract designing platforms that are run by motivated individuals who offer legal documents from a user-centric perspective. 


Lieke Beelen

Lieke is a design researcher and entrepreneur. She is the founder of Visual Contracts and Shift Legal Design. Lieke has experience in Industrial Design Engineering and visual thinking. She is also the initiator of Dutch Legal Design Lab.

Visual Contracts: This is a leading contract design startup. They aim to create proactive visual contracts that act as catalysts for human friendly, user-centric legal systems. 

Shift Legal Design: This is a spin-off of Visual Contracts, with focus on legal design thinking.


Margaret Hagan

Margaret is the Executive Director, and Lecturer in Law, Legal Design Lab, Stanford Law School. She launched the program for Legal Tech & Design at Stanford Institute of Design ( She served as a student fellow at the Center for Internet & Society, at Stanford Law School. She is the author of the leading resource in the legal design space, i.e Law By Design.

Tessa Manuello

Tessa is the founder and Chief Exponential Officer at Legal Creatives. She is a pioneer in the field of legal design and a certified high-performance coach. Tessa has been working in the legal design space since 2013. She holds 3 LLMs in various areas of law. 

Legal Creatives: This online educational platform brings legal professionals from 50+ countries together. Legal Creatives helps design legal information and legal services in a way that it is truly customer-centric. 


Gunjan Saxena

Gunjan is the Co-founder of Legal Desing Arc and Assistant Professor at School of Law, UPES, Dehradun, India. She is visiting professor, comparative law classes, at Birkbeck University of London. Gunjan is a law tech innovator and legal designer, with an interest in digital mergers and competition law. Gunjan holds an LLM degree in International Business Law from Queen Mary University, London. 

Legal Design Arc: This is a legal design consultancy based in India. Legal Design Arc aims to transform the delivery of legal services. It deploys a multi-disciplinary approach to solving problems, in a legal ecosystem empowered by design thinking. 


Karol Valencia

Karol is a lawyer and UX and service designer for digital environments with a focus on services and products in the legal and justice sector. She is the Legal Design and Design Ops lead at WOW Legal Experience. She is also the advisory Board Member at Global Legal Tech Hub and Head of Legal Design Ops Commission at Lawgic Tec

WOW Legal Experience: This is a legal design consultancy that provides tailored legal services. 

Lawgic Tec: Lawgic Tec provides legal IT and consulting services. 

Global Legal Tech Hub: The Global LegalTech Hub is a project that brings together a variety of actors (professionals, entrepreneurs, businesses, institutions, and the academic community) to envision the future of a legal technology-driven economy.


Meera Klemola

Meera Klemola is a professional who serves as the Global Learning and Development Lead at Wärtsilä, a global leader in smart technologies and complete lifecycle solutions for the marine and energy markets. Wärtsilä specializes in providing sustainable solutions for power generation, propulsion, and other maritime and energy-related applications. She is the author of bestseller: The Legal Design Book: Doing Law in 21st Century. 


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