Sarah Ouis: A former counsel, now turned legal designer, Sarah Ouis is the Founder of Law But How? and Director of Commercial at ContractPodAi. Sarah is a Legal Design Manager in the Legal Tech space specialising in user centric design

ContractPodAi: ContractPodAi is aiming to bring the technological transformation of a contract lifecycle to all legal workflows and use cases. 



Anna Posthumus Meyjes: Anna is an international litigator turned information designer. She’s the founder and legal designer at Aclara Legal Design. Anna focuses on information design and user-centricity in legal services. 

Aclara Legal Design: Aclara simplifies legal documents by making them easy to understand for all stakeholders involved. 



Antti Innanen: Antti Innanen is a legal design maestro. He is the founder of Legal Design Summit, the largest legal design event, globally. He is also the founder and CEO of Dot, a fast emerging legal tech and legal design consultancy. 

Dot: Dot Legal is a contract building platform that focuses on building client centric contracts, with simple and accessible designs. Dot aims to achieve client centricity through lean processes and strategic design thinking



Melissa Lyon: Melissa Lyon is executive director and experience designer at Hive Legal. She is a design thinker, innovation and business development specialist committed to transforming the legal industry through client focused development and resource utilisation. 

Hive Legal: Hive Legal provides support services to law firms, such as business support through accounting, post-room operations, HR, etc.  



Astrid Kohlmeier: Astrid Kohlmeier is a legal design and legal tech lawyer and consultant  based out of Munich, who has a number of feathers in her cap. She is the co-founder of Liquid Legal Institute, a premier legal design thinking interdisciplinary platform. She is also faculty for legal design at Bucerius Education GmbH and the member of executive faculty of the Bucerius Center on the Legal Profession

Liquid Legal Institute: Liquid Legal Institute is an interdisciplinary, non-profit platform that promotes discussion, exchange and cooperation in the field of intersection of law with digitization, business and technological development. 



Aku Nikkola: Aku Nikkola is the co-founder of the Legal Design School which is a 6-week online design sprint consisting of an e-book, a community and a legal design project

Legal Design School: This platform aims to shift a legal professional’s perspective to a more holistic and user-centric lens. Legal Design school offers courses and e-books for self-learning. A combination of the design thinking methodology and legal design in taught to the users. 


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