Program: Legal Eval: Understanding Legal Texts 

Evaluation Date: 10 January 2023 


In populous countries (e.g., India), pending legal cases have grown exponentially. Due to the nature of the legal domain, it may not be possible to automate the entire judicial pipeline completely; nevertheless, many intermediate tasks can be automated to augment legal practitioners and hence expedite the system. However, legal texts are different from commonly occurring texts typically used to train NLP models which make it difficult to apply existing NLP models and techniques directly, which calls for the development of legal domain-specific techniques. We are proposing 3 shared subtasks which will act as building blocks in developing legal AI applications. 

Task Overwiew: 

We are proposing three shared sub-tasks:

  • (A) Rhetorical Roles (RR): Structuring unstructured legal documents into semantically coherent units

  • (B) Legal Named Entity Recognition (L-NER)Identifying relevant entities in a legal document

  • (C) Court Judgement Prediction with Explanation (CJPE): Predicting the outcome of a case along with an explanation

Important Dates: 

  • Training data ready 1 September 2022

  • Evaluation starts: 10 January 2023

  • Evaluation ends: 31 January 2023

  • System paper submission due February 2023

  • Task paper submission due February 2023

  • Notification to authors March 2023

  • Camera ready due April 2023

  • SemEval workshop Summer 2023 (co-located with a major NLP conference)

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