This webinar will use a survey which will be circulated among members as the basis for discussions. The survey will ask questions to determine the real adoption/use of technology by law firms and legal practitioners:

• Has the legal profession embraced legal tech, and if so what is the reality?

• What time of tech tools are being used; how is tech being adopted; and is it across the firm or just pockets of professionals within the firm?

• Are firms spending money on legal tech, and what is the difference between those who are and those who do not have the budget for sophisticated legal tech solutions?

• What do clients expect in terms of firms’ ‘tech’ offering, and why?

Event: Webinar on Adoption of Technology by Law firms- Fact or Fiction by International Bar Association(IBA)

Date & Time: 12 October 2021 from 1300-1400 BST

Mode: Online

Cost: 45 Pounds

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