Email Subscription: 120 Days of Legal Design Thinking by Visual Contracts 

What will you learn?

The goal of the 120 Days of Legal Design is to help you opening your mindset, for this reason, we have structured the content in two main blocks. First, you will be introduced to Visual Thinking, Conceptual Blockbusting and Design Thinking. Once that you are familiar with the process and approach, is the moment of focusing on Legal Design. On this second block, we will provide you with guidelines, real examples, and resources that you can use on your first Legal Design Project. However, Design Thinking is not only about theory, so in order to get you started, we have decided to include two weekly exercises that will help you improve your creativity and visual thinking skills. 

How does it work?

You can subscribe today and from next Monday on, for 120 Days, you will start to receive daily emails in your inbox with new content. This content has been carefully selected and it can range from an article to a video, a scientific paper, or a website. Each week will focus on a different topic related to Legal Design giving you the opportunity to dive deep into it. 

Costs: 79 Euros

Link for subscription: Click here

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