Event: Unpacking Generative AI, automated decision-making and AI Act by Bird & Bird

Date: 8 November 2023

Mode: Online

Costs: Free Registration


Generative AI and automated decision-making is transforming various industries, from creative arts to healthcare and finance, by carrying out tasks that once demanded human creativity and expertise. However, as we harness the potential of generative AI and automated decision-making, we must carefully consider the regulatory and intellectual property concerns. Striking the right balance between the efficiency gains, potential biases and risks associated with automated decisions is a critical challenge that is faced in this era of technological advancement.
Join  for the first of our three-part Nordic AI webinar series on Wednesday 8th November. The panel of experts will delve into the effective application of generative AI and automated decision-making tools, while addressing the associated challenges in terms of data protection and intellectual property. Additionally, this will explore the implications of the AI Act on businesses. Register above to attend.

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