Solution Building Challenge: Support 48 by Law School 2.0 



A million people have now fled their homes in Ukraine from war.

As bordering countries open their doors, we are calling on the Law School 2.0 community to explore problems and design solutions to challenges in mass immigration and integration.

To do this, Support48, a 48 challenge helps to create legal tech solutions to improve both the lives of those fleeing and the capabilities of organizations and individuals assisting.

Phase One: Collect Legal Process Challenges 

Are you working with government departments or organisations assisting those fleeing Ukraine? Support48 is collecting legal process challenges being faced by countries bordering Ukraine. Reaching these challenges could be a result of asking: 

  • How can we improve legal processes for both people fleeing Ukraine and governments and lawyers assisting – e.g in immigration?

  • What challenges may arise in the future – e.g integration?

  • How can our current legal processes be assisted with technology to better help victims of the war and organisations, firms and governments helping them?

Phase Two: S​upport48

Over 48 hours, they will facilitate the Support48 – a challenge to dig deeper into the problems identified above and design a solution.

Participants will analyse the problem, create a solution, and highlight ways for adoption – the foundations of legal tech development.

Registration Link and More Information: Click here

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