Event: Chat GPT and AI – Implications for Legal Tech Startups 

Date: 9 February 2023

Mode: Online 

Costs: Free Registration


The public launch of Chat GPT sent shockwaves through the legal industry. For legal tech startups, the rapid evolution of AI tools promises both opportunity (“What can we build?”) and peril (“Will our current product become obsolete?”). 

Join us with special guest and AI expert Sam Kahn, to learn about Chat GPT, AI and the implications for companies building legal software. We will discuss these questions, and more:

1. How can AI be applied across the spectrum of legal tech applications

2. How can startups use APIs to accelerate AI implementation?

3. How can AI models be trained for legal applications without compromising confidentiality and privilege? 

4. How should different AI APIs be compared and benchmarked?

5. How much training data do I need to get good results?

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