Event: Gamechangers for people-centered Justice by HiiL 

Date: 23 March 2022 

Mode: Online 

Costs: Free Registration 


In 15 years of advancing user-friendly justice, HiiL has identified categories of game-changing services that reimagine the way justice is delivered. These justice Gamechangers prioritise people’s needs and experiences and provide justice that is affordable, accessible, and easy to understand.

However, what factors and characteristics contribute to justice innovation? How can existing justice services improve their models to increase access to justice? And how can the private and public sectors support innovations that make people-centred justice possible?

HiiL sought to answer these questions in expert-led working groups in mid-2021. Legal professionals, innovators, and academics gathered to share their knowledge, examine case studies, and identify the critical success factors of Gamechangers. The working groups focused on three of the seven game-changing categories: Community Justice Services, User-Friendly Contracts and One Stop Shop Dispute Resolution

On Wednesday, 23 March, HiiL will present the insights and recommendations from the working group sessions during a live webinar event.

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