Event: Legal Aspects of Digitization of Contract & E-Signing by International Business Intelligence 

Date: 30 June 2022 

Mode: Online 

Costs: Paid Registration 


The use of digital contracts has been on a rise due to several dynamic factors such as technological developments and globalization. These factors have acted as a catalyst to the growing trend of digitalization of commercial business models and transactions. This in turn has given a significant rise to digital contracts and electronic records. E-commerce businesses rely on digital contracts to conduct and conclude transactions electronically.

In such a scenario the validation of such contracts through digital and electronic signatures is a must. To execute the digital agreements and give it the legal effect under Indian Contract laws, the parties to the transaction must express their consent via digital signature. The ambiguity surrounding the legal enforceability and recognition of these signatures must be cleared up and explained.

E signing and digitization
• Legal aspects of electronic documents
• E stamping and methods to do the same
• E signing and types of e-signs recognized in India
• Pros and cons of Digitization of documents

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