Event: State of Digital Contracting by Ironclad

Date: 9 December 2021 

Mode: Online 

Costs: Free Registration 

About the webinar: 

Volume is at an all time high. Yet, with every passing day, our business demands faster, more efficient, more predictable contracts.
In the next installment of State of Digital Contracting, you’ll see a new approach to contract management where you’re no longer guessing where the bottlenecks and risks are hidden. It’s time to understand exactly what’s happening with your contracts so you can make smarter decisions and get to agreement faster.


  • Mary O’Carroll, Chief Community Officer, Ironclad
  • Chris Young, General Counsel, Ironclad
  • Alex Su, Head of Community Development, Ironclad
  • Katie Pothier, General Counsel, Texas Rangers
  • Katie Morgan, VP, Business Analytics, Texas Rangers
  • Fred Kang, Product Manager, Ironclad

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