Event: Managing Change for the Better: How to Make Legal Digital Transformation Simpler with AI and No-Code Tech by Legal Operators 

Date: 5 May 2022 

Mode: Online 

Costs: Free Registration 


AI-based, no-code platforms are quickly replacing rather “code-heavy” software — or being fully integrated with legacy applications. This latest technology makes it easier to adopt contract management systems, in particular. And it goes a long way in creating efficiencies for legal operations and increasing overall awareness in organizations.

Speakers: Jerry Levine, Chief Evangelist at ; and Rajan Gupta, Director, Head of Technology Legal at Meta, as they discuss AI and no-code capabilities — and all of the best practices for change management:

What you will learn about:

  • The benefits of AI and no-code technology when customizing workflows and configuring solutions
  • The evaluation of organizational readiness and the creation of stakeholder management initiatives
  • The best ways to measure success criteria for critical business outcomes

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