Event: Talent is the New Pricing by Legal Value Network 

Date: 28 June 2022 

Mode: Online 

Costs: Free Registration 


It’s no secret that the legal profession has experienced industry-changing shifts in talent. Indeed, according to Thomson Reuters’ latest Law Firm Business Leaders Report, the “war for talent” is the No. 1 perceived threat to future profitability, outpacing poaching, underperforming lawyers and fee competition.

This unprecedented mobility – and the costs associated with it – have inspired many law firms to take a more analytical approach to talent recruitment. This is a worthy goal, to be sure. But talent involves complex and sometimes irrational human subjects; one cannot apply the same methods that worked for pricing or profitability.

Register for this roundtable to hear a mid-year report on the legal talent landscape, as well as a forecast for the third and fourth quarters. Presenters also will share the critical mistakes law firms make when implementing data-driven hiring, along with practical tips for avoiding these missteps.

You’ll also join a breakout room for a high-level discussion with your peers in which we will explore the next frontier for legal recruitment, including the application of data to analyze both markets and candidates.

Speaker: Michael Ellenhorn, CEO, Decipher Investigative Intelligence

Breakout Room Facilitators: Greg Hamman, director of business insights, Decipher Investigative Intelligence; Jennifer Jones, business development coordinator, Decipher Investigative Intelligence.

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