We spoke to Priyadarshini Shetty, founder of Elliot, a legal technology consulting service firm, and host of Walchet, a legal tech content portal. She previously ran a fitness startup called FitMonk. We speak to her about taking a plunge from corporate legal practice, to legal tech. In our discussion, we also talk to her about ideation, engagement, pushbacks and how to deal with them.

Priyadarshini spoke about giving up her job as a lawyer to turn into an entrepreneur, and through the course of this interview, talked about how to engage with a corporate legal department and what are the pushbacks one can experience in the Indian Legal Tech market. Priyadarshini’s venture Elliot, in the present day, deals with large organisations like Thomson Reuters and Avvoka. She’d also talk about her journey to where she is and what she has learnt out of it.

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