Event: Features to Improve Lawyer Adoption of Foundation by Litera 

Date: 14 July 2022 

Mode: Online 

Costs: Free Registration 


You worked hard planning and implementing Foundation. You configured Foundation for success, and you want to encourage lawyers to use it. How do you convince lawyers to use the Foundation features that drive productivity? Register for this session to learn:

  • What is the firm’s best approach for lawyer adoption?
  • Identifying the lawyer use cases that Foundation can deliver at your firm.
  • Specific Foundation features for improving lawyer adoption including:
    • Creating reports using the “Current User” search criteria so that lawyers only see their stuff.
    • Using Dynamic Report Subscriptions to make it easy for lawyers to access reports.
    • Simplify searching for your lawyers with Search Forms.
    • Notifying profilers that there are matters needing their attention.
    • Reviewing profiling features for proactive profilers, including the Profiling Inbox, profiling on demand from the homepage, and profiling on mobile.

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