NOTE: The solutions have been identified based on software directories and client reviews.


Top Thomson Reuters estimated that clients wish most for technology, digital and Artificial Intelligence skills as essential for their lawyers, among business acumen, cost-effective service, and knowledge of latest changes in the legal industry. 

Additionally, of the various technology solutions used by UK legal buyers, e-signatures, legal research, practical know-how, and e-billing stand tall, with highest proportion of use. 

The research of this report represents the attributes that clients now demand from their lawyers. These attributes, mostly pivot from traditional needs of the market and embody not just transactional abilities, but requirements that can cater to holistic needs of the client. Of the many attributes, technological and digital awareness stands the most required. These skills are reflected through the technology solutions a lawyer/firm uses. We have listed the best available technology solutions in a comprehensive table, for you to start looking at available tools and services in the market. 

The following table is a one-stop representation of all required information that you may want to review before you make the decision of sampling or buying a tool. We have also incorporated customer reviews of these tools from various platforms such as g2, Capterra and software suggest. For simplicity, reviews have been segregated into ‘ease of use’, ‘ease of setup’, ‘quality of support/ customer service’, and ‘functionality’. An exhaustive description of what these tools aim to simplify is provided below the table.


iManage is a leading document management and email management software, that aims to simplify knowledge management with collaborative, innovative, protective and creative solutions. iManage boosts your productivity by integrating several data systems into collaborative connections for the team. iManage is committed to enabling easy, sophisticated, and simplified workflows. The typical iManage consumers include Startups, SMEs, Agencies, and Enterprises. It was created to simplify knowledge management, compensation management, performance management, and recruitment management.


Mycase is a legal software suite that aims to reduce administrative and clerical tasks by providing a one-stop platform to efficiently store, manage and organize legal data. The platform is accessible to staff, clients, and outside counsel for the purposes of case records, updates, billing, documentation, etc. Moreover, it is easily accessible and functional. Mycase claims to increase revenue by 38%. Some of the many features of the software include: case management, billing cycle, mycase payments, lead management, client experience, customer support, security and integrations.


Filevine centralizes document management and case management in a single customizable location. It offers unlimited data storage in the cloud and helps in efficient automation of workflows. Filevine also offers team collaboration tools across the board, along with data management, billing and time keeping services. More recently, Filevine has started offering Lead Management, eSignatures, Business Analytics and Contract Management tools. Filevine provides customer support in data migration, training and consulting and implementation.


Launched in 1999, NetDocuments is leading cloud enterprise content management software that helps store, create, edit, share and organise scattered documents in a singular, simplified workplace for easy access to the entire team. It offers Document Management, Email Management, and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) solutions that are built to create a foundation of “inspired work”. Very recently, netdocuments collaborated with Docusign, to make e-signatures an integrated tool in the platform. Netdocuments was recognised as Magic Quadrant Niche Player in Content Services platform, by Gartner in 2021, for the second consecutive year.

Simple Legal

Simple Legal provides end-to-end legal operations services to perfect business goals and efficiency. Simple Legal provides Matter management, e-Billing, Spend Management, Vendor Management, Knowledge Management, and Reporting & Analytics to its users.


Everlaw is a cloud-based legal management solution that offers e-discovery services. The typical audience includes firms, corporations, state, local and central governments, agencies, and SMEs. Some other services offered by Everlaw are Early Case Assessment, Trial Preparation, Data Privacy, and Internal Integrations.


Onit is a cloud-based contract lifecycle management software that also provides other services such as Business Process Management (BPM), Sales, Human Resources, Compliance and IT. It was founded in 2011, and since then, a number of state-of-the-art technologies have been integrated into the software. Onit now serves as a customizable platform, with features like automated risk mitigation, Microsoft integrations, etc.


Caseflow is a cloud-based case management software. It aims to make workflow easier for workers. Caseflow helps in managing documents, reports, and other operations. It is also instrumental in remote management, staff training & onboarding and enlisting others.


Lawcus is a legal practice management software. It helps in case management, task management, tracking time, expense and billing, managing documents and electronic signatures, workflow automation and Client Relationship Management (CRM).



DISCO is a cloud-based, end-to-end, legal management solution that helps litigators manage discovery, budget planning, document review, and price prediction.

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