Event: SKILLS (Strategic Knowledge & Innovation Legal Leaders Summit)

Date: 13 January 2022 

Mode: Online 

Costs: Free Registration 


9:30 Opening Remarks & Livestream begins

  • Oz Benamram will review house rules and set expectations for the day.

9:40 Keynote | Practicing Law In Exponential Times 

10:10 Digital Transformation – Shark-TED-Talk-Tank (Part 1) – Moderated by Oz Benamram

  • People, Process & Technology | Gina Lynch & Iris Skornicki – Collaboration among clients, firm lawyers and the Knowledge & Innovation team to take existing firm tools, HighQ and Neota Logic, and customize them to meet a specific need of a client and its evolving business.   
  • DealSite – A Hub for Corporate Lawyers | Gina Lynch & Iris Skornicki – A custom application for lawyers to memorialize key information about their transactions, manage post-closing tasks, submit key documents and ultimately contribute to a firm “what’s market” database.
  • Accelerating Digital Legal Services | Michelle Mahoney – KWM’s Digital Transformation Programme was launched in May 2020, with the firm recording 621% uplift in LegalTech adoption in Y1, creating initiatives that are behaviour-driven, systemically enabling, make an impact creating lasting change, and ultimately, enable new ways of working to uplift the client experience.

10:40 Breakout Room Small Group Discussion*

11:00–11:10 Break

11:10 Partner Perspectives on Legal Innovation 

  • Legal industry analyst Ari Kaplan will share the results of his conversations on innovation with 34 large law firm partners. 

11:25 Rethink your KM & Innovation Model – Shark-TED-Talk-Tank (Part 2) – Moderated by Lucy Dillon

  • Models for Avoiding Firm Constraints | Carla Swansburg – How to build a law firm affiliate that avoids the constraints of a traditional law firm.
  • LIFT – a case study for successful ground up innovation | Alicia Hardy – Growing a program promoting innovative mindsets, tools and best practices – from the ground up. 
  • The Real Skills of Innovation | Monet Fauntleroy & Anna Moca – Centering  people and their skills around service-oriented innovation.

12:55 PM Breakout Room Small Group Discussion *

12:15–12:45 Lunch Break 

12:45 Data Enabled Legal Practice- Spotlight on ESG 

  • Bobbi Basile & Sarah Happy will explore how data analytics, visualization and prediction models are advancing the practice of law. Specifically, how third-party data was used to in the context of ESG to evolve a transactional client relationship into a recurring service.  

1:00 Data-Driven Innovation – Shark-TED-Talk-Tank (Part 3) – Moderated by Tanisha Little

  • Matter Profiling to Leverage Firm Intelligence | Jeannine Zito & Cindy Bare – Establishing a Matter Profiling Program to capture firm-wide experience and identify and leverage global firm intelligence.
  • First, always, the use case | Bill Koch & Tom Humberstone – Starting with a use case led to the creation of search experiences that delight the users.
  • New Intranet; New Features | Patrick Dundas – Tackled traditional intranet requirements and incorporated some unusual (and long-sought-after) features based on user feedback. 

1:30 Breakout Room Small Group Discussion *

1:50–2:00 Break 

2:00 Legal Tech Hype Cycle Highlights 

2:15 No Innovation without Adoption – Shark-TED-Talk-Tank (Part 4) – Moderated by Ron Friedmann 

  • Concierge Services for Tech Adoption | Barbara Taylor & Elisabeth Cappuyns – Using concierge services to encourage attorneys’ adoption of new technology, alleviate their tech fatigue, and limit their time commitment.
  • Good Work Goes Virtual | Kay Kim & Nicole Bradick – Simpson Thacher and Theory and Principle partnered to help pro bono teams streamline and improve the delivery of pro bono legal services in a digital age.
  • Automation for Everything Else | Josh Waddell  – AI and Database Tools to Unlock Productivity in Processes Unique to Your Organization.

2:45 Breakout Room Small Group Discussion *

3:05–3:15 Break 

3:15 The Evolution of Data and AI in Legal 

  • Brian Kuhn will present on Lessons Learned and Suggested Best Practices: a practical framework for identifying viable data and AI use case. 

3:30 NLP in Action and Productizing Tech– Shark-TED-Talk-Tank (Part 5) – Moderated by Mary Abraham.

  • NLP for Timecard Analysis | Andy Sprogis & Matthew Dunne – How to use NLP on attorney timecards to get insights into how people are spending their time.
  • Advances in NLP | Evan Shenkman & Pablo Arredondo – Breakthroughs in application of neural nets to language have created enormous opportunities for legal professionals.
  • Value-Add: Selling Solutions to Clients | Susan Sommers & Max Paterson – Creating a generic tech solution, that can be applicable and sold to a wide variety of clients, from a solution that was originally customized for a single client. 

4:00 Breakout Room Small Group Discussion *

4:30 Closing Remarks and Awards*

4:45 Virtual Closing Reception*

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