Event: SKILLS (Strategic Knowledge & Innovation Legal Leaders Summit)

Date: 13 January 2022 

Mode: Online 

Costs: Free Registration 


9:30 Opening Remarks & Livestream begins

  • Oz Benamram will review house rules and set expectations for the day.

9:40 Keynote | Practicing Law In Exponential Times 

  • Jason Barnwell, Microsoft’s General Manager for Digital Transformation, explains why our organizations must make substantial investments in knowledge management infrastructure (expertise, culture, processes, and tools) to prepare us for the continually increasing demand for our work. Read about the topic or listen to a recent interview with Jason.

10:10 Digital Transformation – Shark-TED-Talk-Tank (Part 1) – Moderated by Oz Benamram

  • People, Process & Technology | Gina Lynch & Iris Skornicki – Collaboration among clients, firm lawyers and the Knowledge & Innovation team to take existing firm tools, HighQ and Neota Logic, and customize them to meet a specific need of a client and its evolving business.   
  • DealSite – A Hub for Corporate Lawyers | Gina Lynch & Iris Skornicki – A custom application for lawyers to memorialize key information about their transactions, manage post-closing tasks, submit key documents and ultimately contribute to a firm “what’s market” database.
  • Accelerating Digital Legal Services | Michelle Mahoney – KWM’s Digital Transformation Programme was launched in May 2020, with the firm recording 621% uplift in LegalTech adoption in Y1, creating initiatives that are behaviour-driven, systemically enabling, make an impact creating lasting change, and ultimately, enable new ways of working to uplift the client experience.

10:40 Breakout Room Small Group Discussion*

11:00–11:10 Break

11:10 Partner Perspectives on Legal Innovation 

  • Legal industry analyst Ari Kaplan will share the results of his conversations on innovation with 34 large law firm partners. 

11:25 Rethink your KM & Innovation Model – Shark-TED-Talk-Tank (Part 2) – Moderated by Lucy Dillon

  • Models for Avoiding Firm Constraints | Carla Swansburg – How to build a law firm affiliate that avoids the constraints of a traditional law firm.
  • LIFT – a case study for successful ground up innovation | Alicia Hardy – Growing a program promoting innovative mindsets, tools and best practices – from the ground up. 
  • The Real Skills of Innovation | Monet Fauntleroy & Anna Moca – Centering  people and their skills around service-oriented innovation.

12:55 PM Breakout Room Small Group Discussion *

12:15–12:45 Lunch Break 

12:45 Data Enabled Legal Practice- Spotlight on ESG 

  • Bobbi Basile & Sarah Happy will explore how data analytics, visualization and prediction models are advancing the practice of law. Specifically, how third-party data was used to in the context of ESG to evolve a transactional client relationship into a recurring service.  

1:00 Data-Driven Innovation – Shark-TED-Talk-Tank (Part 3) – Moderated by Tanisha Little

  • Matter Profiling to Leverage Firm Intelligence | Jeannine Zito & Cindy Bare – Establishing a Matter Profiling Program to capture firm-wide experience and identify and leverage global firm intelligence.
  • First, always, the use case | Bill Koch & Tom Humberstone – Starting with a use case led to the creation of search experiences that delight the users.
  • New Intranet; New Features | Patrick Dundas – Tackled traditional intranet requirements and incorporated some unusual (and long-sought-after) features based on user feedback. 

1:30 Breakout Room Small Group Discussion *

1:50–2:00 Break 

2:00 Legal Tech Hype Cycle Highlights 

2:15 No Innovation without Adoption – Shark-TED-Talk-Tank (Part 4) – Moderated by Ron Friedmann 

  • Concierge Services for Tech Adoption Barbara Taylor & Elisabeth Cappuyns – Using concierge services to encourage attorneys’ adoption of new technology, alleviate their tech fatigue, and limit their time commitment.
  • Good Work Goes Virtual | Kay Kim & Nicole Bradick – Simpson Thacher and Theory and Principle partnered to help pro bono teams streamline and improve the delivery of pro bono legal services in a digital age.
  • Automation for Everything Else | Josh Waddell  – AI and Database Tools to Unlock Productivity in Processes Unique to Your Organization.

2:45 Breakout Room Small Group Discussion *

3:05–3:15 Break 

3:15 The Evolution of Data and AI in Legal 

  • Brian Kuhn will present on Lessons Learned and Suggested Best Practices: a practical framework for identifying viable data and AI use case. 

3:30 NLP in Action and Productizing Tech– Shark-TED-Talk-Tank (Part 5) – Moderated by Mary Abraham.

  • NLP for Timecard Analysis | Andy Sprogis & Matthew Dunne – How to use NLP on attorney timecards to get insights into how people are spending their time.
  • Advances in NLP Evan Shenkman & Pablo Arredondo – Breakthroughs in application of neural nets to language have created enormous opportunities for legal professionals.
  • Value-Add: Selling Solutions to Clients | Susan Sommers & Max Paterson – Creating a generic tech solution, that can be applicable and sold to a wide variety of clients, from a solution that was originally customized for a single client. 

4:00 Breakout Room Small Group Discussion *

4:30 Closing Remarks and Awards*

4:45 Virtual Closing Reception*

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