Job Opening: Agami

Job Role: Curator, Digital Courts

Location: Bengaluru/ Remote

PQE: 7 years



  • Discover and Curate Innovators: Identify and curate innovators and changemakers who bring new perspectives, capabilities, processes or technology needed to envision, design, prototype and build ideas.
  • Forge transformative relationships: Create spaces to nurture transformative relationships with innovators, citizens, courts, lawyers, judges, students, members of the registry among others to deepen our understanding of needs and opportunities for action.
  • Identify and Co-create Pathways to Action: Identify pathways to strategic action. Build alignment, convene and collaborate closely with innovators to act.
  • Writing and CommunicationDraft diverse forms of communication in a simple and effective manner to advance ideas: reports, blogs, articles, posts etc.
  • Oversee Implementation: Anchor processes and rituals for innovators and government partners to ensure effective advancement and development of ideas.


Skills & Experience:

Successful candidates will possess most of the following skills and experience:

  • Entrepreneurial Skills: Do you have an intrapreneurial or entrepreneurial track record? The self-permission and critical thinking skills to question the status quo and identify opportunities for action? Have you been able to connect people and partners effectively to advance your work or idea?
  • Creativity: Do you have a wide range of interests and seek out opportunities that demand creativity? Do you identify yourself as a learner? Are you able to overcome obstacles creatively?
  • Teamwork: Are you adept at motivating and rallying teams and partners to pursue and grow ideas? Do you thrive in an agile work environment with fluid team structures? Do you effectively understand emotions in yourself and others? Do you have the ability to curate strong networks bringing together individuals across sectors?
  • Communication: Proven oral and writing skills and expertise in customising content for multiple formats and contexts.

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