Job Opening: Agami. OpenNyAI 

Job Role: Practicing Lawyers, Legal Experts

Location: Remote

PQE: 0-5 years 


Evaluation AI-generated judgment summaries. 


  • Paid
  • Flexible Timings

About OpenNyAI

OpenNyai is a mission aimed at developing open source software and datasets to catalyse the creation of AI-powered solutions to improve access to justice in India. Artificial Intelligence is a new paradigm of teaching computers to do something by showing them examples. However, there are huge barriers to innovation for AI powered innovation to surface e.g. foundational components. These foundational components can be training and benchmark datasets for AI, baseline models for AI tasks and knowledge products that can enable many to adopt AI in their innovations and solutions.

Role Description

In this evaluation exercise, you will be given 10 judgements and 3 different summaries of each judgement. Some of these summaries have been generated by an AI. You will evaluate how good a particular summary is in your opinion and provide feedback on what’s a hit and what’s a miss. You will be provided an honorarium of Rs 5000/- after the completion of the exercise.\

Application Link: Click here

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