Job Opening: CivicDataLab

Job Role: Product Designer 

Location: Remote

PQE: 2+ years

We are looking for a Product Designer who

  • Will help us harness the right elements of problem-solving, to create the intuitive user interface and user experience that makes our interventions more impactful.
  • Can help design, build and scale open data platforms/dashboards to increase access to information and civic engagement in India.
  • Is strongly aligned with our values and finds excitement in identifying problems and architecting solutions
  • Can adapt well to multi-disciplinary teams.

What You’ll Be Doing

  • Create simple, intuitive, and accessible platform interventions to make data accessible and easy to comprehend.
  • Understand the design challenges which include implementing new features, improving existing ones, and understanding what it takes to build cohesive civic tech.
  • Understanding the ethos of civic-tech platforms/dashboards.
  • Work closely with design researchers, data strategists, technologists, public policy researchers, and academicians from Indian and international organizations.
  • Monitor and drive the product all the way from the creation of design concepts to the launch of the product, along with post-launch monitoring

Requirements Skills You Should Bring

Experience: 2+ years of designing responsive digital solutions

Design Thinking Processes: Understanding context, key challenges, or potential problems, building upon the pre-research reports. Understanding the larger objective for whom we are designing, the relevant ecosystem, and scalability.

Hands-on Design: Creating User Experience and User Interface by using relevant design software. Experience in laying out Information Architecture, Site Mapping, Color Theory, Lo-Fidelity, and High-Fidelity Designs. Knowledge of setting up design systems and implementing the same with respect to the UI

Human-Centered Design: Have good knowledge of accessibility, inclusivity, responsive design, and other principles/ design standards required for platforms and dashboards.

Design Tools: Familiarity and experience using tools like Figma, Whimsical, Adobe Suite, Sketch, Tableau, InVision, Balsamiq, Whimsical, Mapbox, etc.

Communication: Ability to engage with multiple stakeholders actively (governments, civil society organizations, researchers, academia, media, and more) to plan and execute design sprints.

Exposure to data pipeline, data analysis, visualization solutions, and having a good knowledge of open source software is a big plus.

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