Job Opening: Deloitte

Job Role: Legal Business Services- Consultant/ Senior Consultant

Location: Mumbai

PQE: 1-7 years

Typically, depending on the engagement/pro ject, the work may include any of the following:

  • Contracts Analytics – Contract abstractions, contracts reviews & analysis, contracts migration, repapering, remediation, Template rationalizatio n
  • Managed Services – supporting end to end contract management process including drafting & redlining, of agreements & SoWs, negotiating and interfacing with third parties, managing agreement workflow with business
  • System Implementation s – Implementing contract management technologies and systems such as iCertis, Agiloft, Evisort etc. for our clients. Work typically involves understanding and reviewing business requirements and working on functionally configuring tools to align with such requirements
  • Legal & CLM Assessments – Contracts & Legal workflow design, development, advisory, and consulting
  • Information Governance/Dat a integration work – Assisting clients with set up, and streamlining of information governance practices within their organization

As a member of the practice, you will also be expected to:

  • Read & understand the scope of each engagement, process updates, & relevant substantive issues and subjects pertaining to such engagement
  • In a timely manner, seek clarifications on any questions within the engagement to ensure that your work is aligned with the client’s expectations
  • In a timely manner, raise any flags that may hinder the delivery of the engagement and escalate appropriately
  • Participate in client & leadership calls as needed
  • Work closely and report directly into LBS USI project leads on project delivery
  • Monitors your own quality, utilization, and productivity metrics
  • Follows all best practices established by the LBS USI practice from time to time

If you are:

  • Someone with legal training, and
  • A substantive bent of mind coupled with process understanding
  • A clear understanding of processes and practices in the commercial contracting space
  • Preferably, some familiarity with contracts drafting, redlining, and negotiations
  • Are familiar with the CLM Tools currently in vogue in the industry
  • Have experience with contract management engagements – abstraction review, drafting etc. (all or any)
  • Well versed with MS word, excel, and PPTs
  • Have a relevant experience of 1-7 years


  • An empathetic team player
  • Someone who believes in a community and workplace that promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Someone who believes in work life balance, and flexibility
  • While also believing in a clients first approach,
  • And bring a point of view to the table every time

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