Role: Legal Department Specialist / Legal Manager 

Location: Bangalore, Karnataka 

About the Role

Stealth Mode Startup is looking for a professional who will be responsible for timely designing and developing a computer system along with developing strategies, specifications and keeping updated with the latest technological developments in the Legal sector. You must know how to analyse the operations and providing continuous suggestions for improvement. You should strive for the advancement of knowledge through continuing education and research.

Roles and Responsibilities: 

1. Planning, monitoring, analysing and troubleshooting legal frameworks.

2. Interpreting briefs and creating legal frameworks that meet all particulars and cost prerequisites.

3. Assisting with training and onboarding measures.

4. Composing job descriptions for new positions, and helping with meeting and enlistment measures.

5. Guaranteeing staff consent to the organization, just as wellbeing and security guidelines consistently.

6. Looking after, overseeing, and refreshing software systems.

7. Overseeing advanced security and ensuring all anti-virus and firewalls are routinely refreshed.

8. Managing the expansion and maintenance of websites and guaranteeing the safety of clients’ information.

9. Analysing existing tasks, conventions, and processes, and making arrangements for development.

10. Conducting research, going to workshops, and networking with different experts in the business.


1. Bachelor degree in Law or related field.

2. Masters degree will be an added advantage.

3. Experience managing team.

4. Certification course in Legal or related field.

5. Bar Council Registration is a must.

6. Knowledge of various Legal reporting methods.

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