Webinar Series: Microsoft 365 & Team Deployment for Legal Webinar Series


  • 19 January 2022
  • 26 January 2022
  • 2 February 2022 
  • 9 February 2022
  1. Architecting Teams for Law Firms: 19 January 2022

Managing matters. We have almost as many use cases for Microsoft Teams in a law firm as we do law firms. The numbers of lawyers, number of matters, etc. are also variables. Regardless of the way Teams is being and will be used, you must ensure that it is architected for optimal performance – even if your use cases have changed since your initial implementation. This session will cover ways in which firms are building their teams and channels and explore best practices.

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2. External Collaboration Best Practices: 26 January 2022 

The external sharing capabilities in Microsoft 365 provide an opportunity for people in your law firm or law department to collaborate with clients, co-counsel, service providers, and others who don’t have an account in your M365 environment. You can share entire teams or sites with people outside your organization or just share individual files. And we understand that one size does not fit all. Maybe you want one set of capabilities for one matter and a different set for another. Or one set for co-counsel and another for service providers. Come and learn best practices – and hear what is coming soon! – to secure your data and additional safeguards to help protect your content from accidental or intentional inappropriate sharing, while enabling and empowering external collaboration. Bring your hardest external collaboration questions!

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3. Microsoft Product Innovation: How Do I Evolve my Licensing as the Microsoft Product Stack Changes?: 2 February 2022

Did you know Office 365 first launched in June of 2011 and Microsoft 365 launched in March of 2017? And since launching, Microsoft has added or introduced 25 applications and released over 1400 capabilities in the Communications/Collaboration, Security/Compliance, and AI & Assistance space. Oh, yes, and Microsoft has hardware, too. And what if you want to keep pace with the latest upgrades to all of this? Innovating to meet customer needs also means licensing can be complex. What is in E3 and what needs E5? Maybe E3 plus some add-on bundles. In this session, we will break it down for you so you can walk away with a clearer picture of the M365 suite, how hardware fits, and what to think about as you right-size both your product stack and your licensing agreement.

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4. Legal Week Summary / Review: 9 February 2022

Legalweek New York is the one week (other than ILTACON, of course!!!) in which thousands of legal professionals gather to explore the Business and Regulatory Trends, Technology and Talent drivers impacting the industry. Come and learn what Microsoft covered and how Microsoft is helping legal services digitally transform with confidence. And bring your questions! They will help us develop our ILTA programming around the Microsoft stack for the remainder of the year.

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