Event: Founder to CEO- What’s different and why? by Centre for Legal Innovation

Date: 6 October 2022

Mode: Online

Costs: Free Registration


The Centre for Legal Innovation (CLI) is delighted to launch its new Women Legal Business Founders and Leaders Series through CLI’s Legalpreneurs LabWomen Legalpreneurs Special Interest Group(SIG).

This session is the first of eight in this series. We can’t wait to share the experience and learnings of the 28 amazing women who comprise our series faculty. This is all about the practical, the candid, and the real, from people who have been there and done it so, they truly know and understand the subject areas they’ll be discussing!

In this session, we’ll focus on the journey from Founder the CEO. For some it’s easy, for others it’s not – from a business perspective (and personally) there are so many things to balance. How and when do you start to bring others into the business? Should you delegate everything? Should you remain the Founder and bring in someone else as the CEO? Should you be a Co-Founder from the start? What does your role look like as a CEO vs a Founder? How do you grow your business but at the same time retain and expand all the ideas and values that define it? And, what are the pros and cons of keeping your business local or going global?

All these questions and many more (including your questions too) will be answered by these outstanding women Founders and leaders:

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