Event: Roadmap to Digital Transformation in Legal Department by SmartContract 

Date: 19 April 2022 

Mode: Online 

Costs: Free Registration 


Digital transformation has become critical with the mandate of C-suites and because of its importance for corporate viability in the changing business environment. It is not a new concept to business operations and has been used across disciplines and industries over the past few decades. However, the digital transformation journeys in the in-house legal departments have been slow.

Many still don’t fully understand the concept or are confused about where to start. What does digital transformation really mean in the context of legal operations? And where to start to make it a successful reality? In this webinar, we aim to address such questions and more with Goviind Vijay, Vice President and Deputy General Counsel, HT Media Group, and Suryapramod Kali, Vice President, Software Department, TresVista.

Key takeaways include:


  • How to plan digital transformation in legal departments
  • Steps to a successful digital transformation journey
  • How to accelerate and further scale digital transformation
  • Nurturing a digital culture in legal departments
  • Long-term impact and changing job roles in legal departments

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