Event: Bespoke Contract Review by Thought Review 

Date: 13 December 2022

Mode: Online 

Costs: Free Registration


While standardized, repeatable work is low-hanging fruit for legal tech automation, it makes up a fraction of your workload. If you look at the billions of contracts that are reviewed or signed every year, not all fall into this high-volume, typical contract category

For those contracts that are infrequent and bespoke investing time to create a playbook can be a barrier ruling out the gains available from a contract review and analysis technology.

Join webinar to see how ThoughtRiver’s newest features can enable you to:

* Create tailored checklists for bespoke contracts in seconds
* Instantly generate contract reports from your custom checklist
* Lay the foundations for future playbook configuration – digital transformation while you work
* Link key facts with issues to produce a contract to-do list for you and your deal team 

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