1. Legal Tech Media Group:

LTMG is a marketing agency specialising in Legal Tech. It delivers targeted Legal Tech marketing, Business Development and sales services to Legal Tech companies. With decades of experience and mix of growth strategy and hubspot approach, LTMG helps Legal Tech companies with cost-effective and reliable solutions. Big business like Casemaker, MyCase and Tracers have relied on their services. 

  1. Global Legal Tech Hub: GLT Hub is a unique initiative that brings together different professionals, across domains, for the development of Legal Tech industry. GLT Hub offers an international platform for Legal Tech collaboration and association. It is a fitting platform to connect with investors, create a distinct, widely visible brand image, collaborate in Legal Tech projects, network with top companies in the domain and promote digital transformative initiatives. 

  1. The Legal Tech Fund: The Legal Tech Fund brings together a suite of experts and legal tech advisors from across the world, to escalate growth and development in the space. It is funding platform, that provides founders and innovators to pitch their deck to a community of forward-thinking investors. Founded by Sam Elhag, and Zach Posner, the company has helped invest in hundreds of start-ups. 

  1. Legal Technology & Innovation Institute: LT&I Institute offers an advanced Legal Technology & Innovation certification to certify innovators and enable access to Legal Tech platforms around the globe. The institute also offers a specialised Legal Technology and Innovation research lab (LT&I- IR Lab), which focuses on an innovation driven research approach for the incubation and collaboration processes. 

  1. Jameson Legal Tech: Jameson Legal Tech provides a range of unique services across Legal Tech recruitment, software sales and strategic advice. The platform also specialises in providing law firm Business Development and Sales strategy initiatives. 

  1. Artificial Lawyer: For the international community, Artificial Lawyer serves as a forum, offering not only news but also a chance to participate in the discussion through Guest Posts. The goal of Artificial Lawyer is to transform the legal industry, frequently through the application of technology but also through improved human resource management inside organisations and new corporate structures, as well as process innovation.

  1. Indian Legal Tech: Indian Legal Tech is a unique knowledge resource that offers industry news, tools, resources, startup insights, etc in the Indian Legal Tech industry. Founded by Namit Oberoy in 2020, Indian Legal Tech is a gateway to explore the various developments across the Indian Legal Tech space. 

  1. Legal Technologist: Legal Technologist is a bi-monthly magazine that caters to the several ways that law and technology are converging, including procedural enhancement, legal innovation, and effects on legal practise. Even though legal technology is having a significant impact on legal professions all over the world, university students are rarely (if ever) educated about the different forms of technology and how they are employed. This publication tries to explain how law and technology are interacting to those who are just beginning their legal professions.

  1. Legal IT Insider: Since 1995, legal IT experts have been reading Legal IT Insider, which is acknowledged as the top trade journal in the field. It offers unmatched, impartial coverage of the entire legal industry, from mid-tier to the Magic Circle. All 200 of the largest law firms in the UK as well as newcomers, disruptors, and innovators who prioritise IT in their operations read Legal IT Insider. Internationally, Legal IT Insider is read by all the top Australian law firms and has a sizable and expanding readership in North and South America, South Africa, and other regions.

  1. Lawtomated: Lawtomated is a learning resource that caters to both lawyers and non-lawyers. The main areas of focus are change management, innovation and tech adoption, the intersection of law and coding, legal tech methods, technologies, strategies and products. The Lawtomated team focuses on lawyers, non-lawyers, lawyers who code, creative designers and AI experts. 

  1. Centre for Legal Innovation (CLI): Centre for Legal Innovation (CLI) is a think tank based out of The College of Law (Australia, New Zealand and Asia-Pacific). The centre focuses on thought leadership and practical research opportunities for the intersection of law with other industries such as tech, management, etc. CLI propels the disruption of new technologies transforming the legal industry, for both traditional and allied legal professioinals. 


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