We spoke to Eric DeChant, a Legal Engineer at xMentium and the Founder of the American Society of Legal Engineers. We speak to him about Legal Engineering, legal tech adoption, different scientific principles that a lawyer should adopt, and the potential of AI and ML in law.

Before starting out as a Legal Engineer with xMentium, Eric worked as a patent agent, marine captain and currently also is a non-profit founder with a passion for data science, legal technology, intellectual property and ethics.

Erics talks about his reasons for opting for the degree of Masters of Science in Law and its coursework. Then, after discussing the difference between a ‘legal technologist’ and a ‘legal engineer,’ he explains what does his day look like and what all tools does he use.

 Interestingly, Erics also talks about the potential of AI and ML in law. We conclude by mulling over the changes that are coming in the legal profession and Eric’s tips for law students and engineering students looking to get into legal engineering.

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