Job Opening: Agami

Job Role: Weaver (Storytelling & Network Building) 

Location: Remote 

Job Description: 

As a Weaver supporting storytelling and network building, you will work with the team across Agami’s several verticals, that lead everything from Online Dispute Resolution to the Data for Justice movement, to OpenNyAI – a collaborative mission exploring the use of open AI models in the legal field. You will work directly with the lead entrepreneurs of both storytelling and network building by supporting and enabling the entrepreneurs in a number of duties. You would be responsible for helping ideate viable strategies for storytelling ideas as well as identify opportunities to engage our network of over 700 changemakers in the justice space; you will also be responsible for identifying potential partners, co-ordinating operations and ensuring projects are delivered within reasonable timelines.

An ideal candidate should be a proactive problem-solver with good communication skills and eye for detail who enjoys a dynamic working environment.

Skills & Experience: 

Agami owes their growing community to a set of simple principles: courage, responsibility, authenticity, creativity and agility. And this along with an appetite for impact is what we look for in our team mates, from across all backgrounds of study, including law, design and technology. Candidates with prior experience leading community initiatives, particularly in rural and semi-urban parts of India are preferred.

About Agami: 

Agami inspires and enables ideas that solve the biggest challenges in law and justice. Ideas that expand and democratize access to legal services, and help the sector in its journey towards becoming more inclusive and just. 

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