Job Opening: Litera

Job Role: Senior Software Engineer- UX Designer 

Location: Ahmedabad

PQE: 4-6 years


  • Strive to understand users through customer feedback, research findings, & analytics
  • Partner with product managers & developers to provide input on our roadmap by advocating for user needs
  • Plan and facilitate workshops for the pod using design thinking & sprint principles
  • Collaboratively scope and phase each feature into smaller slices of value and evaluate feasibility from a design perspective
  • Explore and experiment with various design options within constraints
  • Collaborate with UX researchers to observe feedback sessions and do usability testing for your own designs


  • Create compelling flows, wireframes, interactive prototypes, and UI mockups while keeping in mind the overall architecture and experience of the system.
  • Ensure designs are well documented for developers, answer questions around edge cases, and tweak things as needed during a release cycle
  • Ensure your pod is delivering thoughtful and delightful user experiences
  • Involved in post-launch testing to continue iterating on enhancements


  • Contribute to our Design System for the overall success and coherence of the product
  • Be an advocate and educator for good design practices within Litera
  • Stay up to date with useful design tools and industry best practices
  • Share your work with the pod and the broader Litera team

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