Competition: Community Intervention Challenge by Agami 

Last Date to Register: 29 November 2021 

Orientation: 1 December 2021 

Last date of Competition: 23 December 2021 


  • Age – 18 years and above.
  • You must be a law student.
  • The sessions will be conducted virtually on zoom. So a working internet connection is required.
  • We will be using Discord as a collaboration platform.
  • All sessions will be conducted in English.

About the Challenge: 

Red Dot Foundation is hosting a Community Intervention Challenge for law students in India to engage in issues of safety and sexual violence in their respective areas, localities, towns and cities. This challenge is in collaboration with Agami, India with its aim of seeking to transform the experience of Justice in India.

They have been crowd mapping sexual and gender based violence for the last eight years on our globally awarded reporting platform – Safecity. The idea is to make this dataset which is anonymous and crowdsourced useful for individuals, local communities and local administration to identify factors that cause behavior that leads to violence and work on strategies for resolving the same. They work at the intersection of gender, technology, communications, data and urban planning and Safecity is its flagship program.

Through the Community Intervention Challenge, they urge students to focus on the ground level problems and study the patterns in which crime occurs in their cities, which may include time of the day and area in which maximum number of reports or complaints are registered. The objective with this challenge is to involve students in the process of innovating solutions on the patterns that they study and create a safe space in their own area. This project will be based on the number of reports of crime collected as samples from your area on the Safecity App that will help you understand the patterns of crime and then, shift the focus from the victim of the crime to the circumstances which create an opportunity for a potential offender to commit the crime. Thus, giving an experience of implementing the theories we study in class on ground.

The challenge is scheduled on a weekly task basis, where every week you have a task to complete. These tasks will be given to you on the onset of the challenge, so that you can plan and come up with your inputs as the schedule requires. The duration of this challenge will be 3 weeks and will start from 1st December, 2021. We believe in giving complete freedom to the students to interpret these tasks the way they want to and encourage creativity in finding solutions.

Registration Link: Click here

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