Fellowship: Agami Justice Innovation Fellowship 2022: Unlocking Doors for ODR 

Eligibility: 5 years of experience 

Application Deadline: 31 January 2022

Write to: [email protected]

Duration: 6 months full time/ 12 months part time

Monthly Stipend: 80k- 1 lac


Agami advances ideas that serve justice. Ideas with the potential to dramatically improve access to justice and rule of law. Agami does this by identifying such catalytic ideas, curating leaders and entrepreneurs, and catalysing collaborative action. The work to advance ideas such as Online Dispute Resolution (ODR), Digital Courts, AI for Justice, and Open Data for Justice, as well as the ideas of the incredible innovators in our network, is well recognised. While we or the network members pursue these ideas relentlessly there are still
other ideas that need someone to hold them and make sure they realise their full potential. While Agami and it’s network has tremendous knowledge, resources and relationships, there are many opportunities for clear creative leadership for these ideas to move forward.
One such opportunity we see is in advancing the ODR ecosystem. Over the last few years, particularly the last two, Online Dispute Resolution has become a national priority. With 75+ enterprises adopting ODR, Lok Adalats going online through ODR platforms, and ecosystems such as Account Aggregators adopting ODR, the ecosystem is thriving. In March 2021, Agami and collaborators took
stock of ODR in India with the ODR Handbook and, subsequently, in November 2021, NITI Aayog released the report Designing the Future of Dispute Resolution: The ODR Policy Plan for India – a first such report across the world. As the ODR ecosystem grows, there are inquiries that are essential to inform and shape its future. What are the number and types of cases handled by the ODR platforms? What are the outcomes of these different types of disputes and how do they compare with the courts?


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