Fellowship: Stanford Law School Residential CodeX Fellowship

Application Deadline: 14 January 2022 


CodeX – The Stanford Center for Legal Informatics is accepting applications for a Resident Fellowship for the 2022-23 academic year. CodeX is a cross-disciplinary research center jointly operated by Stanford Law School and the Stanford School of Engineering. The center’s mission is to explore the application of technology toward improving the quality, efficiency, and accessibility of the legal system. Codex research fellows will have the opportunity to spend one to two years at Stanford Law School collaborating with scholars in computer science and other relevant disciplines. Fellows will work on the center’s existing projects and will have the opportunity to explore related research on their own and commence new projects. Fellows will work with cutting-edge technologies emerging from Stanford’s engineering departments and will be expected to bring a legally oriented perspective toward integrating these technologies into the law. Fellows will also be involved in bringing in leading thinkers in the field to speak at the law school on these topic areas and will work with law and computer science students to engage them in the center’s activities. The fellowship position reports directly to the CodeX Executive Director.

Application Requirements: 

Because the primary focus of the center is employing technology within the law, applicants should also have experience in legal-, computer science-, or engineering-related fields. Applicants with practical/professional technical experience in these fields as well as those with formal legal, computer science, or engineering undergraduate or graduate training are welcome. Applicants should be capable of learning and be comfortable with the technological aspects of the center’s projects.

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