Job Opening: 63 Moons Technologies Ltd

Job Role: Legal Analyst

Location: Mumbai

PQE: 1-3 years


Knowledge of drafting legal documents: petitions, contracts, resolutions, memoranda, etc.

Analytical and logical skills

Thorough knowledge of Study of judicial practice, legal research

  • Quickly understand the software that optimizes the work of lawyers (presentations, search databases, etc.);
  • Know and master the skills of working with e-mail, voice message systems, video conferences;
  • Have Internet surfing skills to quickly and effectively search and analyze legal information.

Knowledge of basic laws and legal procedures

Should have a basic knowledge of substantive law and legal procedure.

Should have general knowledge:

  • about local, central, public administration and other bodies;
  • about the rules and procedures for appeals, filing petitions, etc.;
  • about appropriate legal terminology.

Time Management

  • developing multitasking skills;
  • planning and time management skills;
  • setting priorities;
  • ability to work in a limited time.


  • work in a team for a common goal;
  • coordination and exchange of information and knowledge;
  • development of communication skills to communicate more effectively with colleagues, employees, clients, experts.
  • public speaking and participation in team events, meetings, and conferences.

Technical Competencies

  • Knowledge of Microsoft office (Word, Powerpoint, Excel, etc)

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