Colin S McCarthy:

Colin S. McCarthy is the CEO and founder of Legal Operators, the fastest-growing organisation of legal operations professionals worldwide. 

Legal Operators: By bringing together legal operations professionals from around the world with their peers and industry leaders and educating them on essential subjects through content and collaboration, Legal Operators equips its members to implement tried-and-true solutions. 


Stephanie Corey:

Stephanie Corey is the CEO and Co-founder of UpLevel Ops, a consultancy firm that specialises in providing a complete range of legal operations and project management support. She is also the co-founder of Corporate Legal Operations Consortium (CLOC).

UpLeval Ops: A consulting company, UpLevel Ops specialises in offering services to in-house legal departments and law firms. The full spectrum of legal operations support services offered by UpLevel Ops includes IT solutions, advice on finances and budgets, talent management and development, benchmarking, best practises and metrics, and the selection and management of outside counsel.
Corporate Legal Operations Consortium (CLOC):  CLOC is a pioneering Legal Operations community-focused organisation that aims to connect legal operations professionals with legal firms, legal departments, etc to foster innovation and collaboration as an industry practice. 


Mollie Tregillis:

Mollie Tregillis leads the legal optimisation consultancy practice at MinterEllison as the director of legal optimisation. She specialises in supporting clients in optimising their in-house legal functions to improve operational efficiency

MinterEllison: With offices in Australia as well as a worldwide network of member firms and allied businesses, MinterEllison offers legal and consulting services to a varied client base across industries. MinterEllison is one of the biggest legal companies in Australia.


Lucy Bassli:

Lucy is the founder of InnoLaw Group, PLLC, and Legal Strategy Advisor at Law Geex. She has previously worked with Microsoft, as the Assistant General Counsel, Legal Operations and Contracting for five years and as a senior attorney for eight years. Lucy trains lawyers in innovative practices and works with law firms and legal departments to innovate their practices. 

InnoLaw Group, PLLC: InnoLaw Group Services is a modern Legal Operations company that provides innovation and legal operationalizing services to law firms, legal departments and practicing lawyers. It primarily helps legal departments and firms with innovative contracting services. 


Rachita Maker:

Rachita is the Global Head of Legal Ops, Tech, and Consulting at DWF. She has done exemplary work in legal contracting, by helping firms and organisations transform traditional contracts into smart, user-friendly interfaces. She is an experienced legal operations and technology expert, helping transform legal business. 

DWF: DWF is an integrated legal and business services provider, based out of London. It focuses on performance delivery through the lens of the continuing evolution of the legal industry with respect to innovation in the sector. 


Mary O’Carroll:

Mary is the Chief Community Officer at Ironclad. Previously, she was the President and Board Member of Corporate Legal Operations Consortium (CLOC) for eleven years. Mary has also worked with Google as the Director of Operations, Technology, and Strategy (Legal). Mary’s work on legal operations can be accessed here. She runs a podcast called Pearls On, Gloves Off (POGO), which can be accessed here.

Ironclad: Ironclad is a popular Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) software. It provides a number of legal, sales, marketing, finance, and HR solutions.   


Mike Haven:

Mike is the President of Corporate Legal Operations Consortium (CLOC), he is also the Senior Director, Associate General Counsel and Head of Legal Operations at Intel Corporations. Mike is responsible for some of the most pathbreaking and innovation policies of client management and legal operations in the legal industry.

Corporate Legal Operations Consortium (CLOC):  CLOC is a pioneering Legal Operations community-focused organisation that aims to connect legal operations professionals with legal firms, legal departments, etc to foster innovation and collaboration as an industry practice. 


Jennifer McCarron:

Jennifer is the Director of Legal Operations and Technology at Netflix. She is also the Board Member of Corporate Legal Operations Consortium (CLOC), and has served as the Head of Legal Technology at Spotify. Her role primarily involves legal knowledge management, operations and innovation at Netflix. She is also the host of the CLOC podcast. 

Corporate Legal Operations Consortium (CLOC):  CLOC is a pioneering Legal Operations community-focused organisation that aims to connect legal operations professionals with legal firms, legal departments, etc to foster innovation and collaboration as an industry practice. 


Sara Ajmi:

A former legal counsel, Sara Ajmi is a legal operations specialist at kdc/one (manufacturing and distribution company in the beauty and wellness sector) and a recognised legal operations content creator. 


Paula Doyle:

Paula is a Legal Innovation Advisor at PaLiDa. For huge corporations, she revamps, balances, and streamlines business contracts. She offer legal tech startups strategy and product development advice. She also offers SaaS training in legal design and contracts. She is a pioneer in the field of legal innovation.


Tom Stephenson:

Tom is the Director of Legal Operations at Credit Karma. Tom focuses on making legal operations at Credit Karma run more quickly and intelligently while integrating the appropriate technology solutions that offer useful information about how teams function. During times of hyper-growth, Tom works with design-thinking leadership stakeholders to identify company goals, value perspectives, and process inefficiencies. Prior to joining Credit Karma, Tom worked for Teladoc Health as the organization’s first legal operations executive, supporting the largest M&A deal in virtual care history. 

Credit Karma: Credit Karma, an American international personal finance company started in 2007. 


Lara Trope:

Lara is the Legal Operations Consultant at InnoLaw Group, PLLC. She is a a lawyer with experience in the project delivery, personnel management, and process improvement environments of LegalTech SaaS startups.

InnoLaw Group, PLLC: InnoLaw Group Services is a modern Legal Operations company that provides innovation and legal operationalizing services to law firms, legal departments and practicing lawyers. It primarily helps legal departments and firms with innovative contracting services. 


Chris Williams:

Chris is a Head of Community at Betty Blocks. He focuses on building strong connections and collaboration at Betty Blocks through interesting content, thought-provoking conversations, and the planning of events that encourage knowledge sharing and networking.

Betty Blocks: Betty Blocks is a no-code enterprise application building platform. It is the world’s first truly enterprise no-code platform. Its goals is is that every enterprise employee is able, and encouraged, to build their own solutions.


Alex Herrity:

Alex is a Legal Director focusing on Legal Operations within the Legal Solutions team at Adidas. He works on a range of Legal Operations portfolios such as: Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM), Contract Automation, Legal Spend / eBilling, Legal Matter Management (DMS), Workflow Automation, Legal Knowledge Management & Communication, Engagement, Strategy. 


Mat Jakubowski:

Mat is Legal Operations Consultant at Silvertown Legal. Mat runs an interesting series of videos called legally tiktok.  


Stephanie Hamon:

Stephanie is Head of Legal Operations Consulting at Norton Rose Fulbright. She is also the co-founder of Bionic Legal Project. She Led the Barclays team that was named “Legal operations team of the year” at the 2019 UK Legal 500 Awards

 Norton Rose Fulbright: It is a full service law firm, with head offices in London, providing services across the world. It caters to a diverse set of traditional and niche practice areas in law. 

Therese Linton:

Therese Linton is the founder of The BASALT Group and a performance coach, who helps practicing lawyers optimize performance. She offers The POSITIVE Lawyer online learning and coaching program, and the CPD Untis and training programs provided by The BASALT group. The POSITIVE Lawyer online learning and coaching program is a 15 hour program divided into 6 modules. These modules can be accessed through four unique delivery approaches, eg: the ‘accelerated one on one’ which gives users access to personal coaching with Theresa. 

The BASALT Group: The BASALT Group is a boutique consulting company that supports all law firms and in-house legal teams with strategy and transformation consultancy.

Marie Widmer:

Marie is the Senior Legal Operations Manager at HubSpot. They are also the COO & Co-founder of Level7 Legal. Marie is a Legal Operations Leader specialized in scaling legal and compliance teams through software selection and implementation, process design and change management.

HubSpot: HubSpot offers user enabled CRM solutions that can help scale businesses. It helps capture leads, boost scales and connect with customers. 

Level7 Legal: Level7 Legal combines technology with coaching. It offers a number of services such as Legal Team Coaching (Inc. Exec, Leadership, Performance, Well-being), Mastermind Circles, Comprehensive Workshops / Programming, Self-led professional development modules (LMS), Legal Leadership off-sites and bespoke well-being retreats. 

Jessica Markowitz:

Jessica is the President and COO at Paragon Legal. She is also the Board Member of Luggage Forward. At Paragon Legal, she develops high performance teams, creating a result-dirven culture, while transforming in-house corporate legal strategies. 

Paragon Legal: Paragon Legal offers highly qualified and seasoned solicitors to business legal departments on an as-needed, project-basis. Their unique model and culture allows legal professionals the opportunity to continue with challenging legal work while maintaining flexibility and control over their schedules. They partner with the Bay Area’s leading companies to provide them with flexible, cost-effective legal resources that meet each company’s unique needs.   


Courtney Weidner:

Courtney is a legal operations manager at The Clorox Company. Previously, she was a senior consultant at the HBR Consulting, where she supported internal resources, and identified client business issues. 

The Clorox Company: The Clorox Company is a consumer goods supplier in Oakland. 


Mary Zolene Agbovi:

Mary is the Director of Legal Operations at CoverMyMeds. With a 20 years of experience, she is passionate about systems thinking and connecting people, processes and technology in a way that makes everyone excited about their daya to day activities. 

CoverMyMeds is a IT Services and IT Consulting company in Columbus, OH. 


Angela Mendenhall:

Angela is a Senior Manager, Legal Operations at Convoy Inc. She is a Legal Operations builder of cross-functional business. Previously, she was a senior corporate paralegal, at Impossible Foods. 

Convoy Inc:  Convoy is a digital freight network transportation and logistics business.


Elizabeth Rancourt Smith:

Elizabeth is a Legal Operations Director at Tilson. She is involved in the administration of CLM business, contract management and corporate governance among other things. 

Tilson is a telecommunications company based out of Portland, Maine. 


Claudia King:

Claudia is a Legal Operations specialist with Traact. She helps in enhancing the legal operational efficiency. Previously, she has worked with Konc Inc. as an accounts developer. She is also the co-founder of The Hire Way Limited. 

Traact: Traact is a corporate governance and legal compliance software development company. It focuses on removing administrative tasks by automating entity management, board meetings, permits, and licensing, etc. 


Krysta Johnson:

Krysta is a Senior Legal and Business Operations Manager at Lexicon. She has been a legal professional for 16 years, having spent the last 10 years supporting in-house legal teams. Prior to Lexion, she was the contracts manager at Amazon Web Services (AWS). 

Lexion: Lexion is a contract management system that helps scale legal operations and accelerate contracting with email-driven workflows and AI powered systems. 


Jennifer Marsh:

Jennifer is the founder, legal technology product and data consultant, at Being Legalytical. She has over 20 years of experience in the legal industry with a diverse range of experiences, from legal operations to legal technology and analytics. 

Being Legalytical: This is a legal tech product and data consulting company. They help in discovery, validation, legal market analysis, persona creation, requirements gathering, etc. 


Louise Krogh Vammen:

Louise is a senior legal counsel, legal operations at Welltec. She has an extensive background in drafting, reviewing and negotiating contracts primarily from defence and life sciences. At Welltec, her primary focus is Contract Life Cycle Mangement. 

Welltec: Welltec is a global technology company that develops and provides efficient hi-tech solutions in the energy industry. 


Sarah Kavanagh:

Sarah is the executive consultant at the Clark Kavanagh Consulting. She hels clients institutionalise legal knowledge by capturing and organising legal work product, creating self-service tools for clients and embedding legal knowledge in businesses. 


Trisha Wright:

Trisha is the Project Coordinator of Operations as DecisionQuest. Her role includes online research project coordination and operations. She works towards process control. Stategic process improvement, tracking performance indicators, automation, technology, implementations, database management, conflict checks, etc. 

DecisionQuest: Using scientific research, technique, and the art of persuasion, DecisionQuest, a U.S. Legal Support Company, has provided consultation on more than 20,000 high-risk trials, arbitrations, and mediations. This has enabled clients to realise their best case scenario and make important decisions. 


Alex Kelly:

Alex is the co-founder and COO at Brightflag. He is also the host of in-house outliers podcast. Through his podcast, Alex interviews various people across the legal operations sectors and cross-industry professionals. 

BrightFlag: With more than 100,000 hours spent on its development, Brightflag was the first company to use artificial intelligence and machine learning in legal operations management software. Corporate legal teams may better communicate with outside counsel, get visibility into their processes, and optimise internal workflows thanks to Brightflag. Brightflag has offices in New York, Dublin, and Sydney from which it services a global network of corporate legal teams and their outside counsel.


Prashant Dubey:

Prashant is the Chief Strategy Officer at Agiloft and the Research Chair at Agiloft Insights. Previously, he was the Vice President, Contracts Solutions & Disability Inclusion at Elevate

Agiloft: This is a global standard in  no-code contract lifecycle management (CLM) software. Agiloft’s CLM software leverages AI to improve contract management for legal departments, procurement, and sales operations. 


Elaine Karp:

Elaine is the Director of Legal Operations at State Farm. She is an innovative legal operations executive with expertise in enterprise-wide digital transformation and acquisition integration. 

State Farm: this is an insurance company based out of Bloomington, Illinois.


Jonathan Williams:

Jonathan is the Chief Operations Officer at Calame- The Legal Ops Company. Jonathan is a legal operations professional who works at the intersection of law, technology, communications and strategy. 

Calame: This is an independent legal operations company, that helps organisations with operational efficiency. 


Emilie Calame:

Emilie is the CEO and Founder of Calame. She is also the founder member of Comete, France. 

Calame: This is an independent legal operations company, that helps organisations with operational efficiency. 


Susan Packal:

Susan is the Founder and Principal at High Desert Legal Ops. High Desert specialised in legal technology roadmaps, contract lifecycle management process reviews and business requirements gathering. It also works on low code or no code automation. High Desert offers career development framework design and implementation. 

Nicola Shaver:

Nicola is the CEO and Co-founder, Legaltech Hub. She is an industry-recognized, high-achieveing innovation and legal technology executive specialising in legal business transformation and enterprise-wide change management. 

LegalTech Hub: By making legal technology available to anyone, LegalTech Hub democratises it. It is the place where legal professionals can access the best legaltech resources—including courses, groups, consultants, events, awards, and more—for free, in any language, anywhere in the globe.


Nicola Brooks:

Nicola is the Head of Legal Operations Transformation Services, at KPG, UK. The Legal Operations Transformation Services (LOTS) team at KPMG, UK provides two main services: Legal Function Transformation and Contract Management Transformation. Their experience spans multi-nationals across a range of sectors including manufacturing, FMCG, Aerospace & Defence, Pharma, Government, Infrastructure and Financial Services. 

KPMG: KPMG LLP is a leading UK provider of tax, audit, and advisory services. 


Lucie Pintenet:

Lucie is an independent, freelance Legal Operations Counsel. She is an experience in start-up, fintech, blockchain, big data, and AI. She is a University Lecturer in Chinese Law at Universite de Lyon, France. Previously, she was the chief legal officer at TEMPO. 

Jeff Kruse:

Jeff is the founder and director of Legal Operations at Key Legal Operations Consulting (KLOC). KLOC helps legal departments and law firms operate more efficiently and helps lawyers focus on providing best-in-class advise to their clients. 

Anna Lozynski:

Anna is a Global Legal Tech advisor. She is the legal innovation consultant, tech advisor, influence and freelance GC at Anna Lozynski Advisory. She specialised in innovation, transformation & systemisation, strategy and vision, talent recruitment and change management. 

Sarah Wilson-Ward:

Sarah is the Director, Legal operations at Elevate, Netherlands. She primarily works in legal department and law firm transformation. With a focus on spend management, she develops and implements the processes one needs to solve operational issues swiftly and efficiently. 

Mandy S. :

Mandy is the Legal Operations Technology Manager at Block. She is an experiences legal operations professional with a history of implementing successful legal technology solutions. 

Carol Gelman:

Carol is the head of Legal Operations at HERE Technologies, leading location platform company. 

Jessica Nguyen:

Jessica is the Chief Legal Officer at Lexion. She is an experience growth executive and legal operations officer, with 16 years of experience at startups, VC/PE backed and publicly traded companies. 

Lexion: Lexion is a contract management system that helps scale legal operations and accelerate contracting with email-driven workflows and AI powered systems. 


Bill Young:

Bill is the Vice President, Legal Operations at UnitedLex. He is responsible for building a Legal Operations delivery team (expanded from 3 up to 20 globally placed resources across US/UK/India/Bulgaria/Mexico) including legal ops subject matter experts, invoice review managed services, client technology administration, outside counsel vendor selection and pricing, reporting.

UnitedLex: This is a data and professional services company delivering outcomes that create value for high-performing law firms and corporate legal departments. 

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